I've didn't told you before, but I love games. Mostly classic games, rouge-like, rpg and platformers. But since I moved to Linux a long time ago, I kinda left gaming becouse the lack of realy enjoyable games, with nice scripts, etc. Many of you would say that there is great games for linux, and it's true, I actualy used to play Nexuiz and sometimes Battle for Wesnoth. I encorage you to try these games, are excellent ones! But almost all the games I used to find where FPS with no much scripts, and after some time I get kind of bored.

But things started to change, since independent teams started to see Linux as an excellent platform to release their games. Maybe because actually we (the linux community) really apreciate the effort of teams who support our platform and we are very predisposed to pay for great games if they do really give active support.

So, the largest player in this move is... VALVE!, who would say!, one of the most large game distributors and creator of incredible sagas will be the first large company to actively support the gaming efforts on Linux. We do love you guys, really, we do!

When Gabe Newell (managing director of Valve) said that Linux is the future of gaming, we felt very flattered, thats ok. But when they started to support oficially Linux, and push NVIDIA to optimize their drivers for the penguin platform, well, that was pure rock man!.

Something I learned about gaming on a minor platform like Linux, is that changes your perception of what is more important in a game.

When you are used to blockbusters on Windows: games with an obscene quality in graphics, and developed by huge teams of people working for huge corporations that spend millions of dollars, you expect something very polished in graphics and with a kind of linear script that gives you the sensation of being in a movie. Well, most part of indie games are not at all like that.

They often change elaborated 3D graphics environments for an improved gaming experience. Like Súper Meat Boy... I love Super Meat Boy.

Super Meat Boy

SMB is about Meat Boy, a boy made of... meat!, who has to save his girlfriend Bandage Girl from the hands of the evil Dr. Fetus, which is a fetus in a robot... What did you smoked guys!, hahaha.

SMB gameplay

I see SMB as a Super Mario Bros, but supercharged, with a lot of black sense of humor, damn hard to play and amazing as hell. You MUST buy it. is available on Steam for Linux!

Also, we have games like Strike Suit Zero, witch is a at the level of AAA games with incredible 3D graphics and great scripts. Take a look on it.

Strike Suit Zero

Another thing I've learned since I started to play on Linux is about to find promotions to buy games. Humble Bundle is the most known. They sells DRM-Free games and almost always they suport Linux (but not always) Also, they try to give Steam keys with the games they sells, so they will be available on your Steam account. Steam also has promotions sometimes, so you should take a look from time to time.

I try to buy all the Humble Bundle promotions, so my collection it's quite big right now, :D

Another thing to have in mind is about game experience. Keyboards are great, but lately I've been playing with a PS2 like Satellite Gamepad (a very cheap one!) and I started to love gamepads!

My crappy gamepad

So if you're going to buy one, try to buy an Xbox 360 for PC gamepad... Better if is a wired one (on my opinion). This is because almoust all best indie games are released for Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox platform, so they are designed to run with the Xbox gamepad.


This screen capture is from the SMB start screen. I think you get the message...

So, that's it. Enjoy the experience, and try give your support to indie developers who put their efforts to deliver their games for the Linux platform!.