If you've read my about page, then you know that I play guitar. The thing is that I don't have an effects pedal nor amplifier, so my actual setup right now is just my Epiphone Special II guitar and my laptop.

The way I do to play on linux goes through Jack and a couple of programs I use as cabinets and effects rack. The setup goes this way:

For managing the connections between sound input and outputs I use Jack daemon with QJackCtl as front-end.

Guitarix as cabinet.

Rackarrack as effects rack.

My intention with this post is not to explain exactly the way to configure deeply the Jack daemon, but just a couple of basics.

First of all. Installing the packages:

$ sudo apt-get install rakarrack guitarix

That will also install jack2 and QjackCtl on your OS.

First of all, check your mic input. This will be the input for your guitar.

Run QjackCtl, and this window will appear:

Then, click Start (on the pic says Iniciar, my OS is in spanish). This will mute your sistem because Ubuntu uses pluseaudio to manage audio. Jack runs in a lower level. When is started, click on connections.

Then, start Guitarix. This will make appear a lot of new inputs and outputs on the Connections window. Configure connetions between input and outputs. A basic configuration, with only a the cabinet software can be this way:

Or one more complex, with the Rakarrack effects rack software pluged to the cabinet, and a tuner software (on this case is Lingot, available on Software Centre or via apt-get install lingot).

This is just a quick introduction to Music creation on Linux. I hope to have more time to publish other tutorials, with more cool stuff.