Ok, I waited too much time to try Atom. I get the invite like a month ago, and I've been really pissed off about the lack of a build for Linux, It is only available for Mac...

So, now that Atom is finally Open Source, you can install it on Linux, but wait, the thing is that THERE'S NO INSTALLABLE PACKAGE FOR PENGUIN MACHINES. At least not yet.

I'm not able to understand why!, I mean, How fucking difficult is to build a .deb/.rpm/whatever package! So I went to the Github repo and for more RIP, there's a wiki about HOW TO BUILD IT BY YOUR OWN! Come on guys, if you can show how to build your software, that means that you must be able to release a God damn binary for it.

And just to keep the thing in perspective, I'm not saying that the software is bad, it's actually pretty good, but the way Github manages his distribution for Linux (and Windows Too!!!) makes me angry. A company so centered on the software development world, must know that there's a lot of developers running Linux OS.

You can download it and build it on Atom Github repo

Anyways, I just me.

UPDATE: I made a deb file!, you can download it from here