Days ago, I got a Samsung Galaxy S3 from my brother, who moved to Apple's Iphone. My last smartphone was a Google Galaxy Nexus, and I must say I loved that phone, but it was stolen by some man with a gun on street almoust a year ago.

So I've ben using an old Nokia phone for almoust a year, and now I'm back to Android.

The Galaxy S3 was released on May 2012, 2 years ago, and it's actually an excellent phone. But the tecnologies advance, and every year companies releases new models of phones, and our gadgets becomes kind of "old".

I heard about the release of Android 4.4 "KitKat", and I wanted to know if I would be able to update my "new" phone. Sadly, Sammy didn released the update for the Galaxy S3, even if the phone actually is able to run it. So the solution was kind of easy. Go to Cyanogenmod website, download the rom and install it on my phone.

Now I have almoust a new branded smartphone, who run faster than ever and with the latest version of Android. That makes me think some things.

Thanks to the fact that Android is open source, people works porting newer versions of the software to phones who are not supported for the manufacturers, extending the life of devices even a couple of years for people who actually just want the latest software on their phones, if it is able to run it. Less money to spend and less electronics to wastes.

World is full of electronic crap, which is hard to recycle and is contaminating our lands and water and sicking people who works on landfills.

Doing something as easy as keeping our old phones updated, and using it all the time we can, even if the manufacturer didn't take care of it, maybe helps a bit to keep our world a bit less dirty.