I just ended to see the documentary "The Internet's Own Boy", about the life and work and death of Aaron Swartz.

By the end of the documentary I was weeping. See people like Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Laurence Lessing, the greatest minds of their generation, cry and being so angry about his dead, about the way he was treated by the US Government, should make us think how twisted and broken the system is.

As hacker, it makes me feel sick. As father, it makes me feel deeply sad. As human, I can't feel more than empathy for his feelings about things he thought was wrong, because it was and still is.

A deep hole stays in his place. I never met him, he never met me. But he was so important for every of us, who think of the internet, rather than a tool is a the place we all belong to in some way.

Just want to reproduce the words Mr. Berners-Lee wrote to pay tribute to Aaron:

Aaron dead. World wanderers, we have lost a wise elder. Hackers for right, we are one down. Parents all, we have lost a child. Let us weep.