Well, as you maybe noticed by my latest post, I bought a couple of film photographic cameras, and I was shutting with the couple for almost 2 or 3 weeks. So here goes my first impressions of the experience.

First of all, the experience it's quite different from shutting on digital. Because you can't see the results in the moment you take the photo, you must just let your intuition and experience guide you to take the correct shoot.

Another thing I must say is about the number of pics you take. Because the number of frames you have is limmited by your film, in the best case, you got 36 frames to shoot, so every single one counts, and naturally, because the film costs you money, you naturally don't want to spend frames if is not the right shoot. Thats produce in you a better appreciation of the composition, from my point of view at least.

The time you have to wait to get the film developed also it's another thing to have in mind. Because the feedback is not instantaneous, the time in between you take the pic and you actually see it helps you, in some way mto enjoy the work in a deeper way.

Another thing, a important one. If you are starting into film photography as me, maybe you must also try to get a film scanner, to digitize your developed film. This is in the case you want to share your work on internet.

To finish, I'm still trying to get a way to organize my work and time to upload some photos I took. But because I'm still without an proper scanner, I will try to get a way to get my work here.

Tons of love!.