Well, there's a couple of things to say about me, but start from the beginning. As you may be noticed, mi name is Wilmar Santos, i'm from a super cool country in South America called Paraguay.

The first time I touched a PC was when I was 3 or 4 years old, with my dad's old IBM PS/1 PC. I used to play Prince of Persia, F1 and Pac Man a looooot!. I felt in love with that machine.

With the years I started to get more serious about tech, and back in early 2000's I started to use Linux. I felt like a kid again. Instant love.

So, almost 16 years from those days, and now I work as Developer/Sysadmin. Btw, now I'm 27.

I'm married, and father of 2 incredible kids.

My other passion is music. Maybe someday I will upload some records.

Keep in touch with me on **[twr](http://twitter.com/killos)**, **[fb](https://facebook.com/wilmar.c.santos)** and **[Github](http://github.com/wcs)**